I empower moms to awaken to the true essence of their high sensitivity and feel empowered in this trait.

When you compromise or dim your light you’re not living in your true essence.

Awakened = to come into existence or awareness.

Sensitive = a person that can feel and sense things strongly. A highly sensitive person may be an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between.

High sensitivity is an inherited trait characterized by a nervous system that processes and absorbs more emotional and physical information than average. It’s both a gift and a challenge. High sensitivity can leave you feeling overwhelmed by life but also equips you with many powerful gifts, such as intuition, creativity, and compassion.
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Are YOU a Highly Sensitive Mom?

You feel ALL the feelings.

You find it difficult to say “no”.

You are very observant.

You are a bit of a perfectionist.

*this is a small list of traits for a highly sensitive woman. Find more information in my blog post.

I understand! I am a highly sensitive Mom, who is married and a parent to an adult empath daughter and a practical and persistent teenage son.

I am Heather a Highly Sensitive Mom parenting an empath child. I started my transformation to accepting my sensitivity as a gift 5 years ago at one of the lowest points of my family’s life. My daughter was struggling with multiple mental illness diagnosis and was in an Inpatient Residential Treatment facility. I experienced an awakening to my true essence through healing and created a life of emotional balance. That is what I want for you! You deserve to live your very best life.

I am the Founder of The Awakened Parent Program and creator of the Family Vibrational Scale™. I support highly sensitive woman of highly sensitive/empathic children through deep healing to create a life of emotional balance. It is my philosophy when the mom works through her inner pain and healing the entire family will feel the shift, especially the highly sensitive/intuitive child.

I combine my 5-piece approach (SPEED) in my practice to create a unique experience for my client. This includes both spiritual and practical tools along with my educational background, my own tested personal experience and doing what I ask of you.

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Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call. This call will help me to better understand where you are and where you’d like to be. Then we will discuss how I can best help you achieve your goals.