Empowering parents to cultivate and nurture the unique talents, abilities, and gifts of their child while embracing their journey as an Awakened Parent. 

As parents, we have to wake up if we're going to stand up for our kids. Awakened parenting is an act of radical love that begins when we embrace our child exactly as they are and see them for exactly who they are. Heather Nardi

It is time to start questioning the inner pain and turn to something beyond our eyes your SOUL, this is when the awakening begins. It is a process of healing your past pain, learning to love yourself, moving to a space of unconditional love, lifting your vibration, being in the space of gratitude, that you begin living life with a new sense of awareness. Learning to tune into our intuition and that of our child. Once you, as the parent have awakened and accepted the child, we can give the child tools to be successful and live their best life.

I combine both practical and spiritual tools in my coaching practice with my background as a Certified Holistic Life Coach and my own tested experience to create a unique experience for my clients.


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