4 Foundations Coaching Program

Photo by danr13/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by danr13/iStock / Getty Images


The 4 Foundations to go from Battle Zone to Happy Home

A comprehensive program that helps uncover the foundations of your family that are weak, and most importantly allowing you to live the family life you desire.

The 4 month Program Consists of:

Evaluation –  a 60-minute consultation where we will review your initial intake form.  Together, we will evaluate and pinpoint which of the 4 foundations needs the most focus. Then we will begin to formulate a plan of action based on your goals.  By choosing the foundation that is most out of alignment, we will start there and add in each foundation as we move forward.

The 4 foundations are:

  • Awareness

  • Forgiveness

  • Mindfulness

  • Gracefulness

    Preparation and Take Action – preparation is “key” to taking action.  I will give you the necessary tips to help you prepare for change.  We will start small and build upon each piece.  By the end you will have kicked old habits to the curb and be working on new habits that support you, your family, and feel in alignment with your goals!

    Assessment and Adjustment – together we will evaluate the progress that has been made.  We will revisit your goals and decide if you should stay with the current foundation or add another one. This phase is a huge part of the program because… life happens!  Being able to assess and adjust where necessary will help stay the course and not give up!

    The program contains:

    • Initial 60-minute consultation

    • (8) 2 - 60 minute Monthly Coaching Calls via Zoom

    • Email and/or Voxer access Monday – Friday

    Benefits of the Four Foundations to go from Battle Zone to Happy Home Program:

    • Uncover patterns in your family

    • Achieve a loving home with joy

    • Learn what triggers arguments

    • Learn how to forgive yourself and others

    • Learn how to choose different responses to stressors

    • Learn how to tune into the energy in your family

    • Receive a program that is designed specifically for you and your family

    If you are tired of:

    • Feeling Exhaustion

    • Being overwhelmed

    • Dealing with arguments

    • Constantly being stressed

    • Not having the happy family you imagined

    • Feeling sad as you has you please vs. parent

    Then this program is for YOU!

    Want to know more and see if this is the best next move for you and your family? Perfect, let’s talk. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call.

Or, if you are ready, sign up for the 4 month program and let’s get started!