The Essence of Joy - Flower Essence


The Essence of Joy - Flower Essence


The Essence of Joy – to be joyful in your daily life. To elevate your mood and encourage positivity.

Each bottle includes flower essences, sacred healing water, and vodka as a preservative. This is a 1 ounce bottle, which should last for 30 days.

The standard dose is four drops, four times a day, under the tongue. Regular use of the flower remedies builds the strength of their action. Therefore, potency is increased not by taking more drops at one time, but by using them on a frequent, consistent basis. Sometimes I will recommend a different dosage. 

Flower Essences in The Essence of Joy:

Cannabis / Cannabis sativa  Santa Barbara Flower

Enhanced Creativity; Mood Elevation; Serenity

Open to the JOY. The Expanded Awareness flower essence has many gifts!! It enhances creativity, relaxation, focus, and serenity. The Cannabis flower essence can lighten our mood, adjust our attitude. We can see things as funnier- the lighter side. It is also calming.

Orange Blossom / Citrus sinensus  Santa Barbara Flower

I Am So Joyous! Renewed Enthusiasm

Elation, Euphoria, Exaltation. This essence takes you an octave higher than wherever you are. When used in conjunction with other essences, it will give them a boost.

Wild Rose; Golden Bach Flower

Optimistic Conviction; Rose-colored Glasses

Joyous expectation. Viewing life- and yourself- with optimism and wonder, experiencing new blooms of hope and inspiration. Stop to smell the roses. Believe in miracles and true love again. Skip along the path of life. Faith in facing the unknown or unfamiliar; being a sovereign soul.

Mustard; Golden Bach Flower

I Am Gratitude

Gratitude and joy, emotional equilibrium.  We are pure channels of divine love, filled with gratitude.  Gratitude ignites hidden sources of energy and light, lifting you to new levels of joy and peace. A grateful heart is the most powerful source in the universe.

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