I am Heather the Founder of The Awakened Parent Program and creator of the Family Vibrational Scale™. I support moms of highly sensitive/intuitive children through deep healing to create a life of emotional balance. It is my philosophy when the mom works through her inner pain and healing the entire family will feel the shift, especially the highly sensitive/intuitive child.

I combine my 5-piece approach (SPEED) in my practice to create a unique experience for my client. This includes both spiritual and practical tools along with my educational background, my own tested personal experience and doing what I ask of you.

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I use the Family Vibrational Scale™ to create awareness around your family’s vibration and give a visual on how it can shift up, down, or maintain. Family members affect each other’s vibration, especially when living in the same house. I teach ways to elevate the vibration of the home allowing for positive interactions, a thriving home, and a sense of empowerment. Reach out to me for a free 60-minute Family Vibe Assessment where we can discuss this further.

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Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call. This call will help me to better understand where you are and where you’d like to be. Then we will discuss how I can best help you achieve your goals.