A modern day twist on the sacred circle. We honor the sacred while bringing in much-needed support for our current life struggles/challenges. With the added pressures of modern society… the overwhelm of being a woman can lead to many living a life of disconnect and stress.

Women express feelings of loneliness and isolation in their everyday life. The power of circles allows women to share stories, be vulnerable, let go, be held, and find connections with other women.

At Modern Day Sacred Circle we are creating a different experience for women. One that they are not necessarily receiving in broader society with their relationships or work. This is a space of accepting women where they are, wherever that might be. At Modern Day Sacred Circle we welcome diversity of age, perspective, work, and life path.

Friendships can be established or deepened within the circle, with women you would never cross paths with, or think that you would have before. 

We each play a role in this diverse community of a sacred circle. We need YOU! The Modern Day Sacred Circle is valuable to shift expectations that society puts on women today.

Heather is a space holder that will be holding monthly "Empowerment Circles" at The Metamorphosis Center in Savage, MN.