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I made a significant shift in my life in 2014

I went from being a quiet and reserved married mom of two, that barely spoke up or questioned things, to speaking up for my daughter’s mental health. I had followed the doctor’s recommendations for the care of my daughter for seven years (ages 8-14) before resolving to take a different route. I was confident in my intuition as a mother and felt it would be best for her to use holistic modalities upon discovering that she was an empath. An empath is highly aware of the emotions of those around them, to the point of having the feeling themselves.

For most of my life, I didn’t understand why I felt emotions so intensely or why I felt strong empathy towards others. These feelings created a quiet, keen observer, and someone that felt deeply.

Then came a moment where I felt called to share my daughter’s story with the owner of a crystal store. The lady, sounding confident yet careful with her choice of words, shared a couple of words with me. Two struck more profound: “highly sensitive person” and “empath.” At this moment, I felt like I just given the key to the core of who I am. Those two words revealed the truth of who I was, my true essence. And not just me but that of my daughter. What a discovery, I thought in my excitement.

From that day onward, a different perspective into the struggles of my daughter with mental illness opened up for me. Maybe what she was experiencing wasn’t a mental illness but a feeling on such a deep level that it created anxiety and depression.

I was confident that this is a trait to be nurtured and not an illness to be treated. Being a highly sensitive person or an empath is not something you overcome. It is something you encourage and understand.

I considered my path as one of going through a process of discovery and awakening to my true essence. It was a challenging journey with many lessons to learn, but it brought me to where I am now, a place of empowerment. I now understand that being a highly sensitive person is a trait to be honored and celebrated, not a mental disorder to be hidden.

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.
— Nhat Hanh

Today my life is different!

I speak up for things I believe in, as I am confident in my voice. I understand my sensitivities and view them as gifts. I parent differently, and I have an amazing partner that understands me. I have built various communities of women within sacred circles and business networking space, which has allowed me to be in several leadership roles. I use my words to inspire others in both my speaking engagements and as a published author.

And, more . . . I am today a Certified Holistic Life Coach, a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children, a Certified ThetaHealer®, a Certified Angel Card Reader, Kid’s Nutrition Specialist, and a Flower and Gemstone Essence Practitioner. I also hold certificates in Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance, Indigo Studies, and Self-Love Guidance from The Path of Self-Love School.

Fun Facts About ME:

*I’m an INFP-T “The Mediator”. I am 56% Introverted

(sometimes I am little more Extroverted).

*I am named after the flower, Heather.

*I have contributed to 4 collaborative books, with 3 reaching Best Seller status on Amazon.

*We fostered dogs from puppy mills for many years and learned a variety lessons; resilience, forgiveness, love, and play.

*I was an only child until the age of 12 when my brother came along.

*My daughter was a surprise pregnancy. When we planned for a 2nd child we needed help from a Fertility Doctor and had IUI.

*I traveled around Europe for 3 weeks the summer after I graduated High School.

As my gift to my world:

I draw from my extensive education as a coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized tools and programs for highly sensitive women. My services are aimed at helping you to connect inward and heal your past trauma allowing for your true essence to shine in all areas of your life.

My message to women with this unique trait is that we are 20% of the population whose nervous system is deeply affected by the subtleties in their environment. Being highly sensitive is not being weak. It takes courage to live life in full awareness. It is time to start honoring our sensitivity and channel it into our higher purposes - embracing our inspiration, passion, and creativity and trusting our inner knowing to live life on our terms.

Are you an empath or a highly sensitive women? Would like a friendly or professional discussion on the subject? I would love to connect with you. You are free to reach me through email or follow on any of my social media handles.

Your friend,