Love Yourself Flower Essence


Love Yourself Flower Essence


This is a flower essence that will lift you to the vibration of love. Love for glowing/growing all sorts of relationships: with self, with another, with the world, with each other! Connect open-heartedly. Be a love alchemist.

Ingredients: Includes Flower Essences, Sacred Healing Water and Vodka (preservative).

Directions: Take internal, with 3-4 drops under tongue 3 times a day, or in your water. 

List of Flower Essences:

Pine - Self-love, forgiveness, worthiness. Ability to move forward with head held high and embrace oneself, one's choices and one's future.

Pattern of change: Dislike of self, guilt, shame (with or without reason)

Cerato - Self-reliance and trust in one's own judgment; confidence in one's intuition and faith to follow it.

Pattern of change: Uncertainty, self-doubt, dependence on others for decision-making

Fairy Princess (Cecila Brummer Rose) Brilliant Self-Esteem; For Little Girls of All Ages. Be the princess/prince, heroine/hero you've always wanted (even if you haven't remembered it for a really long time). Own your beauty, your wisdom, your authority, your magical powers, your right to wear a tiara (or a crown)! Feel confident and comfortable in your realm, and in the universe at large. Addresses self-esteem, insecurity, adolescent issues- or any time that you feel lost in the woods and need to remember how to use your magic wand to summon a unicorn! Also helps with positive body image and belief in the inherent goodness in others, and the world.

Stand Tall (Goldenrod) Healthy Sense of Self; Truth in Relating

Supports strength, courage and determination to stand in one's own truth and individuality. Stand up for yourself. (Encourages good posture.) This essence can aid in creating a clear and direct line of communication with the Higher Self. Understand that your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have- and effects all your other relationships. A good essence for teens dealing with peer pressure/cliques (or people of any age). Give yourself permission to be you. This essence can also address allergies, and the tendency to want to flee or react negatively to one's surroundings or situation. Stand your ground. Face things with equanimity and confidence.

I Remember (Rosemary) Remembering; Clarity

This essence deals with remembering on all levels. “I remember who I am, I remember my gifts, I remember what I came here to do, I remember how to manifest.” ("I remember where I left my keys.") Excellent for clarity in all realms. Certainty of self. Creativity, inner peace that creates prosperity, to heal oneself, and to be one with Spirit. It also strengthens the immune system. Awakens the full memory of our own potential. When we remember what we are really supposed to do in life, it can restore our health. When we remember what all of humanity is supposed to do, we can heal the world...

The Way I am (Calla Lily) - I Love Myself Just the Way I Am

Rampant and radiant self-love and self-acceptance. Embracing one's gender, and gender preference. Masculine/feminine collaboration. Purity of self and purity of expression of that self. Authenticity at the deepest level, without ego. Mary Magdalene connection.

One Heart (Andean Orchid) Acceptance; Love; Unity

Addresses the merging and balancing of male/female energies, including both sides of yourself. It is about oneness, unity, unconditional love. This essence will assist the pioneer relationships that are happening, relationships that defy definition, that are beyond language, by moving us into a frequency to accept the paradigm shift in our perception of relationships, and into the frequency of unconditional love. Revel in the ecstasy of being love, of re-union. An excellent essence to share with groups. It immediately unifies people into the high frequency love space.

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