Shine Bright Essence Spray


Shine Bright Essence Spray


The bottle is a 2oz spray, which include flower essences and essential oils. What are flower essences? Spray your heart, aura, and above your head . . . feel the essence rain down on you. 

This spray was inspired by the New Year! It will help you open and expand to the bright light you are. Stand in your truth! You have the courage and confidence to follow your dreams! Release things that no longer serve you, creating space for new. Remember to "Shine Bright"!

The flower essences were chosen specifically for this formula, here is the list of ingredients, definitions, the name given by my mentor Star, and the original flower name:

Stand Tall Goldenrod / Solidago californica  Santa Barbara Flower

Healthy Sense of Self; Truth in Relating

Supports strength, courage and determination to stand in one's own truth and individuality. Stand up for yourself. (Encourages good posture.) This essence can aid in creating a clear and direct line of communication with the Higher Self. Understand that your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have- and effects all your other relationships. A good essence for teens dealing with peer pressure/cliques (or people of any age). Give yourself permission to be you. This essence can also address allergies, and the tendency to want to flee or react negatively to one's surroundings or situation. Stand your ground. Face things with equanimity and confidence.


Gorse Golden Bach Flower

Bright Future

Faith, hope, optimism, joyful outlook.

Pattern of change: Discouragement, darkness, hopelessness, resignation


Fairy Princess - Cecile Brunner Rose / Rosa ‘Cecile Brunner’  Santa Barbara Flower

Brilliant Self-Esteem; For Little Girls of All Ages

Be the princess/prince, heroine/hero you've always wanted (even if you haven't remembered it for a really long time). Own your beauty, your wisdom, your authority, your magical powers, your right to wear a tiara (or a crown)! Feel confident and comfortable in your realm, and in the universe at large. Addresses self-esteem, insecurity, adolescent issues- or any time that you feel lost in the woods and need to remember how to use your magic wand to summon a unicorn! Also helps with positive body image and belief in the inherent goodness in others, and the world.


Let Go & Trust Oregano / Origanum sp. (vulgare)  Santa Barbara Flower

Release with Ease; Creating Space

Sweet Release. Let go of attachments. Release things that no longer serve, with ease. Create space for something new. Good during a cleanse, excellent for birthing. Graceful Liberation.

Brave Heart Penka Penqa / Gentiana sedifolia  Peruvian Flower

Happy Survivor; Courage and Confidence; Move Forward Gracefully

From the base of Apu Ausangate in the High Andes of Peru. Addresses Post Traumatic Stress. Flourish in the face of adversity. Fosters courage, encourages confidence- helpful for those who are shy or timid. Helps to express pent-up Love. Realize happiness. Move forward feeling graceful, gracious, safe.


Project Catalyst Indian Paintbrush / Castilleja sp.  Santa Barbara Flower

Fan The Spark; Motivate for Magic

Make It Happen. Fans the fire of creativity, passion and inspiration.  Gets projects moving.  Puts chaos into order and helps us to escape boundaries and fully express our creative focus.


Spicy Vitality Nasturtium / Topaeolum majus  Santa Barbara Flower

Spice Things Up; Have a Heart-Based "Zestival"

Joyful and exuberant involvement. Sparkle and charisma. Emotional zest ~ move from head to heart and have some fun. Addresses physical energy levels and pro-activity, as well as emotional vitality and motivation. Helpful for when one tends to over-intellectualize / procrastinate on projects and inspirations. Ground into your body and let enthusiasm, expression and action flow organically from your center.

Including essential oils of; Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, and Grapefruit all infused in a base of sacred activated healing water. 

If interested I offer private Discovering your Personal Essence Sessions. 


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