The Essence of Sisterhood Spray

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The Essence of Sisterhood Spray


I am currently taking orders and will make on demand! The bottles are 2oz spray, which include flower essences and essential oils. What are flower essences? Spray your heart, aura, and above your head . . . feel the essence rain down on you. 

I was inspired to make this essence spray by all the amazing women in my life. As we continue to elevate and support each other, this essence will lift your vibration.

This would be a prefect spray to use in groups. It's great when everyone takes this essence and plays in the same high frequency!

The flower essences were chosen specifically for this formula, here is the list of ingredients, definitions, the name given by my mentor Star, and the original flower name:

Cooperative Service Humboldt Lily / Lilium humboldtii Santa Barbara Flower

Harmonious Relations; Moving from Competition to Cooperation

Enthusiastic, positive, peaceful social interaction. Go from competition to cooperation. Inspires teamwork, community, having a common goal and purpose- with room for every unique voice, and plenty for all. 

Creation/Focus Jacaranda / Jacarandra mimosifolia Santa Barbara Flower

Creative Vision; Staying Focused

Supports creative vision and staying focused. Stimulates new ideas. Assists our ability to hold the energy, to dream the new dream. 

Wild Feminine Wild Potato / Solanum diploid Peruvian Flower

Uninhibited; Spontaneous; Nourishing

Have joyous relationship with everyone. Express our unique diversity as we choose. Remain cohesive yet gloriously individual. Wild Feminine helps to anchor these important feminine aspects of ourselves in a new way. Enliven and awaken sensations with enthusiasm. Savor the rhapsody.

One Heart Epidendrum cuscoense Andean Orchid

Acceptance; Love; Unity

It is about oneness, unity, unconditional love. This essence will assist the pioneer relationships that are happening, relationships that defy definition, that are beyond language, by moving us into a frequency to accept the paradigm shift in our perception of relationships, and into the frequency of unconditional love.

Earth is my Heaven Sweet Pea / Lathyrus odoratus Santa Barbara Flower

Rooted and Connected; Sense of Belonging

Feel connected, comfortable and rooted in community: be a part of and take part in your world. Make wherever you are the sweetest place. 

Including essential oils of; Orange, Lemon, Camphor, Sakhalin Fir, German Chamomile Blue, Galbanum, Myrrh, and Frankincense. All infused in a base of sacred activated healing water. 

If interested I offer private Discovering your Personal Essence Sessions. 


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