3-month Coaching Program


3-month Coaching Program


Would you like to better understand how to assist children around you who exhibit a high degree intuition, spiritual giftedness or are highly sensitive to emotions and environments?

Imagine what would it mean to you to be able to provide acceptance and confidence to this child in your life?

The 3-month coaching program will give you six sessions over three months. We will connect using Zoom, which is an online meeting space, for 60 minutes per session. You will receive follow up emails to continue the progress on off weeks. This will provide a framework for developing new habits and bringing about a shift within you. Let’s work together to get a better understanding of your Sacred Child! You will release the struggle of raising a Sacred Child and embrace the journey.

Each month we will work in a theme:

Awareness – spiritual gifts, your intuition, self-love, vibration

Create – ritual, boundaries, connection, parenting style

Nurture – empowerment, tools, validation, continue momentum on this path

*If you are interested in a payment plan please contact Heather at h.nardi@comcast.net and we can discuss your options. 

After payment is received you will be contacted via email with further details. 

Many Blessings!

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