#LOVENOW is Needed!

News about Charlottesville has my heart hurting and a feeling of disappointment for our world. I am a healer and find using my words in writing and speaking to heal. So, here I am to write in this space to share with you LOVE! 

When hatred happens we can't hide away because it hurts. It is ok for a few days to take some time for self-care. Rest, journal, yoga, meditation, whatever activity you enjoy for quieting the mind. I had to limit my time watching the news. 

When we have a broken heart that is the time we evoke looking to make change and difference.  We feel empowered to bring healing to the hurt. Not just in healing professions, but through music, art, creating and writing (like me). Think of ways you can help the healing process! 

How do we shift and make a change? What can you do to bring peace, harmony, and balance into your life and to the world?

By creating a “ripple effect” of positive vibrations we have the power to change the vibrations that surround us and those around us. We have the power to make positive changes to our lives and the world as a whole. Together as a “collective consciousness”, we can create an environment of Love, Light and Positive vibrations for the good of all. 

Love works because Love is the purest/highest vibration. When you truly Love with the absence of all fear, you have set energy into motion where no lower thought or negative vibration has power. The vibration of love is so strong and so pure it will transform all fear.

  • Begin by Loving You. Do not be critical of yourself heaping shame, regret, and guilt. Send yourself Love the highest vibration! I am offering my Love Yourself More program at a discount because I feel the need to make this shift happen and I can help!

The world is in chaos. Hiding away is an option, true. But we need to do more. We always have a choice. Love is something everyone can do and will cause a ripple effect. This can be as simple as saying "Hello" to the neighbor, smiling at a stranger, or helping someone in need. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture to make a BIG impact.

I would love to hear how you are sharing the Love, use #LOVENOW!

Addition: As some of you know I have children; 17 year old Empath/Sensitive Daughter and a 11 year old HSP (highly sensitive person) son. I wanted to share how we have discussed with our children.

My son is not very aware, as we don't watch much TV. I did speak with my Daughter. When speaking to your child I would listen to your parenting intuition and what you think is age appropriate to share. 

  • Plan ahead Have answers ready for questions.
  • Find a quiet place — Talk in a quiet, comfortable place without distractions.
  • Take time to listen — Find out what your child knows. Ask “What have you heard about this?”  This will help you know what to discuss to help your child feel safe and give you the chance to correct any misinformation. Let the ask questions. 
  • Share your feelings — It is OK to let children know how you feel. This gives you a chance to show them it is possible to be upset.
  • Show them calm and security — Children take cues from their parents/caregivers. They will be more likely to feel safe if you model a sense of calm and security.
  • Follow up - a few days later to see if they have any additional questions. It takes some kids longer to process. 
  • Let them know they are loved and safe. 
  • Do something to make a positive difference. Some ideas include donating to local charities, writing letters or making cards, and attending community events. #LOVENOW