How to set Intentions for Spring

Happy Spring Equinox!

This is the day when we have equal day and night, before the days start to get longer. The transformation of winter to spring represents so much in our lives. It is a time to let go of what has weighed us down throughout the winter hibernation, moving forward with positivity and gratitude. Think of spring cleaning not only to clear out clutter at home but in your body and mind as well.

I enjoy setting intentions in the spring more than in the New Year! There is something about spring and seeing new growth happening in nature that is inspiring. 

Here are some ways to set your own spring intentions:

Dig Deep: What fills you with passion and provides you with a sense of purpose? Take time to decide what really matters to you. Think about at least three things that you desire most in your life. When intentions are created based on what we want most and how we want to feel, we start to align with our purpose. 

Write it Down: Once you clearly visualize your intentions, write them down. Make this a sacred and loving practice; light some candles, listen to calming music, and get comfortable. Be specific and clear about how you want to feel. 

Share It: Share your intentions with a friend that can hold you accountable to take action. Or, if you are feeling brave post them on Facebook. When you feel supported, you feel empowered and confident. 

Let Go & Trust: Once you make your intentions you must have faith that they will be heard and manifested. But only if you act on the guidance received. Decide right now to let go and love the process of moving in the directions of your dreams. Let go of the need for control and trust that the universe has your back. Your job is to listen to your intuition (inner voice) and trust. 

Review and Repeat: Review your intentions daily or at leas monthly. They are living things just like you. Don't let your intentions go unnourished! Develop a spiritual ritual for yourself - maybe a morning meditation, yoga, or a walk around the neighborhood. 


Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!