The Awakened Mother

As my Daughter was opening to her spiritual gifts, I started my own transformation to become an "Awakenend Mother". I started to listen to my own intuition and that of my child. I explored my own spiritual path. I surrounded myself in a community that is supportive of mind-body-spirit and personal development. 

Here is part of the journey . . . My Daughter had been on prescription medications for mental illness for 6 years; ages 8 to 14.  She spoke up and said, "I can't take these anymore." As a concerned parent I wasn't sure what to do. I wanted to listen to my Daughter but feared what would happen without the meds. We had amazing people come into our lives at the right time (divinely guided) to share with us that meds dimmed her bright light. She is a spiritually gifted child. This moment changed our lives and started us on a new path! (I don't recommend that you stop taking prescriptions without the consent of your doctor). This confirmed my strong intuition and empowered me as a parent! 

Spiritually gifted children are the ones who are often misunderstood or misdiagnosed.

We have been trained for generations to not listen to our intuition and focus more on reasoning, research, and expert advice. We still need those places, but we need to acknowledge our inner wisdom. 

Every mother, every child, every family and every person is so unique and complex that we can't be fully accounted for within any one theory, book, philosophy or piece of advice. 

We have our own sacred values on how to parent our children. Outside information gives us access to ideas, inspiration, and sometimes guides us towards missing links. Nothing should over-ride our own inner wisdom on how to raise OUR child.

The Awakening Mother is reconnecting to your inner wisdom (intuition). You can seek answers within. Learning through big life transformations to honor our soul purpose and reclaim our soul connections. It is about supporting you and your family in living an intuitive and spiritual life in a sacred space.

We need to awaken in order to parent the children that here and coming that don't fit our society.  They are here to help us see that we are evolving, growing, and transforming, in a way that systems of society are no longer fit as we move forward and raise our vibration.

The best way for us as their parents is to encourage these gifts in our children and learn about energy and spirituality, to nurture and open these gifts. We can't dim their light!

Reach out to me if you have questions or if you would like to go deeper.

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